Attend to life with more Ease, Clarity, and Confidence.

Somatic Experiencing is a resource-based therapy that builds upon our existing internal strengths. In doing so, it increases our capacity to be gently present with and resolve accumulative stress patterns stuck in the nervous system.

As a licensed psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing practitioner I relate genuinely rather than trying to analyze or diagnose. I move at your pace, checking in often to be sure we are on the right track, offering reflection and suggestions.

Areas of support include: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Challenges, Difficulty setting Boundaries, Men’s Issues, Addiction, Low Self-Esteem, Chronic Anger, Grief.

The psycho-biological roots of Somatic Experiencing can also help alleviate symptoms of traumatic stress, such as PTSD, chronic fatigue, self-esteem or financial issues, relationship challenges, difficulty recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, anxiety, and digestive or other physiological issues.

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somatic experiencing

Internalized tension from a past difficult experience remains stuck in non-cognitive regions of the brain.

Somatic Experiencing includes the felt-sense of the body, releasing the tension patterns contributing to physical and emotional symptoms.


Emotional abuse or neglect in early relationships affects our capacity for communication, intimacy, and healthy boundaries later on.

Psychotherapy allows the working through of relational challenges in the presence of a safe and caring guide.