Attachment Focused Process Group

Somatic Experiencing Therapy

A somatic approach to healing insecure attachment dynamics

Attachment Focused Process Group

Looking for a safe space to explore insecure attachment wounds and become more secure in relationships?

Through mindfulness, tracking the nervous system, and slowing down at the earliest sign of a trigger, we will create a securely attached, communal space. As our insecure dynamics arise in this secure field of curiosity, mutual support, and presence to the here-and-now, we can anchor in new ways to respond, offering more choices to stay in connection during current (or echoes of) relational tension.

Leveraging my work as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Psychotherapist, and student of Nonviolent Communication, this group will support the exploration of our stuck, insecure attachment patterns, while in a state of secure connection with each other in the group. This group is a great place to practice tracking how our relational histories contribute to triggers, allowing for more intimacy and autonomy, integrity while in difficult conversations, and ease while transitioning in and out of proximity.


Thursdays: 10:30am – 12:30pm, February 1st – March 29th
8 people max – $45 person/week – Kensington (East Bay) Office
This group is open to people of all ages, ethnicity, and sexual orientations.


Call Joel @ 510-229-9765

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