Attachment Resilience Practice

Attachment Resilience Practice

Abiding in Secure Relations

A somatic, group experiential approach to healing
our insecure attachment dynamics.

Our attachment insecurities began before we were born, before our parents were born. A collective wound requires a collective remedy. This group is a place to practice tracking how our relational histories contribute to the challenges we face today, allowing for more autonomy, ease of intimacy and boundary. Through mindfulness and somatic practice, tracking our nervous system, and slowing down at the earliest sign of activation, we will create a securely attached, communal space to safely integrate the historical hurt normally triggered into awareness. As our insecure dynamics arise in this secure field of curiosity, mutual support, and presence to the here-and-now we anchor in new choices, new ways to respond. As we process developmental and intergenerational trauma through to integration we greatly increase our capacity for secure attachment.

Leveraging my work as a Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Resilience Practitioner, California Licensed Psychotherapist, an ongoing student of Nonviolent Communication, as well as the harvesting of decades of my own relational blunders, I will offer each participant the attention needed to explore and renegotiate their stuck, insecure patterns of attachment.

Group members will discover and renegotiate how their familial histories contribute to emotional triggers, allowing for more intimacy, autonomy, and presence in relationships now.

Diversity: This group is open to people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender dimensions. Our differences are opportunities to see and be seen, to cultivate the beauty that the vital unity of differences invites.

Substance Use: Restoring our innate life force energy requires refraining from behaviors and substances that override, short-circuit, or distract from the natural, ever renewing source of potency within and between us. Participants are expected to refrain during the course of these sessions.

Intention: Intention is an organizing principle that gives structure and form to healing. Each participant will be supported in defining their intention during the first few sessions.



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