Embody the Call: A Somatic Men’s Group

Embody the Call: A 4-Month Somatic Men’s Group

Increase Resilience, Impact Collective Change

Without the traditional wisdom, ritual spaces, or mentoring to explore our relationship to power we end up trampled, confused, or possessed by it. This cultural deficit weakens our capacity to embody the healthy outrage needed to sustainably carry out life’s call.

Through somatic practice, group dynamics, and men’s work we will cultivate, embody, and channel the primordial fire of the psyche and soma into our projects for collective change.

Refusal of the Call

From birth onward, men’s primordial fire has been neglected and frozen through social and intergenerational conditioning. This blocked and fragmented fire of aliveness expresses itself indirectly through physical symptoms, impulsiveness, addictions, and perceptions of unworthiness.

We end up isolated and in competition with each other. We’ve learned to function without first drawing our purpose up from the earth, leaning into support, and gathering potency.

Answering the Call

In this group we will learn to support each with steady presence, open to the support, track the vital thresholds at the edge of our growth, and harness the outrage trapped in our personal and collective traumas. By increasing resilience, honoring our wounds, and meeting the primordial fire released out of that honoring, we will dissolve the isolation, insecurity, confusion, and procrastination that has been keeping us stuck.

By protesting the toxic masculinity we’ve internalized we will answer the call for men invigorated at the intersection of personal and collective purpose, defending the needs and vulnerabilities of the many through our own unique talents, passions, and propensities.


This group is for activists, progressive organizers and educators, justice-oriented artists and writers, immigration lawyers, social workers, environmentalists, fathers, and all male-identified individuals struggling with burnout, inertia, or insecurity in their efforts to serve life.

Schedule: We will meet from 4:30-6:30pm in Kensington on Thursdays:
May: 11,18,25 — June: 1,8,15,22,29 — July: 6,13,22,27 — Aug: 3,10,17,24,31
$60/meeting (sliding scale available)

Substance Use: Warming the embers that ignite our life force energy requires refraining from behaviors and substances that override, short-circuit, or distract from the natural, ever renewing source of potency within. Participants are expected to refrain during these four months.

Intention: Intention is an organizing principle that gives structure and form to archetypal fire. Each participant will be supported in defining his intention/project during the first few weeks.

Diversity: This group is open to men of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. Our differences are opportunities to see and be seen, to cultivate the vital inclusivity that the tension of difference invites.


Call Joel @ 510-229-9765

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