Therapy Skype Sessions

Therapy Skype Sessions

Somatic Experiencing Therapy Skype Sessions

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I am offering Somatic Experiencing Therapy Skype Sessions for individuals and couples struggling with the effects of trauma. Skype somatic therapy sessions are one hour for individuals and one and a half hours for couples. Online sessions provide the opportunity to work from the privacy and familiarity of your own home.

Somatic Experiencing Therapy Skype Sessions are similar to sessions in-person though can be a bit more directive. The emphasis on increased capacity for mindful tracking of your own physiology is the main key to somatic therapy work. If you have never had a Somatic Experiencing session before we will start with some education about how somatic therapy is different than traditional talk therapy, explore awareness of internal states, orienting architecture, titration, and the regulation of activation in the body.

Somatic Experiencing Therapy Skype sessions for anyone struggling with the difficult symptoms of shock trauma, and trauma related issues from inter-personal relationships. I often work with both individuals in a couple, as well as the couple together. Somatic Experiencing therapy sessions by Skype can help you both untangle the past traumatic experiences overlaying your current relational issues, allowing for more intimacy, clarity, and mutual evolution of human development.

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