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online couples therapy, somatic healing for couples with trauma
online couples therapy; a somatic approach to healing relations

Online Couples Therapy

Welcome. Online Couples Therapy is a great alternative for people not finding the local expertise they need. I am a somatic psychotherapist specializing in working with couples caught in the most difficult tangles, complex life circumstances, and reactivated material from past trauma.

Online couples therapy allows for privacy, convenience, and more ease in working through challenging tangles. To schedule an online couples therapy session please use this link: couples therapy. As a trauma-trained somatic oriented couples and family therapist I integrate many tools. Such as, mindfulness, tracking body activation, trauma training, bringing curiosity into defensiveness, and exploring the source of painful narratives. I also support couples with trauma to learn to pause, slow down, and orient to safety and connection through the body and to each other. For more on somatic oriented couples therapy please see somatic couples therapy.

Online Couples Therapy Background

As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist I focus on couples who have become so tangled up in their trauma patterns that common online couples therapy is insufficient. I am trained in attachment, somatic Psychotherapy, complex developmental trauma, and perinatal psychology. I have 20 years experience in supporting relationships to heal and flourish.

An online couples therapist trained in somatic and perinatal psychology is useful for couples when there is trauma in the early, formative years. Such as, from birth to thirteen years old. When these non-verbal states are active they contribute to the confusion, quick activation, overwhelm, and dissociation common to chronic relational entanglement.

Can Somatic Couples Therapy be Done Online?

Yes, Somatic couples therapy can be done online. I am a skilled somatic practitioner with two decades of practice working with the subtle body. This subtle body tracking can be done in person or online. My training in developmental psychology helps couples whose patterns stem from unfinished early attachment wounding. As we explore online couples therapy together these gaps in relational health become apparent. Therefore, what previously would have been a tangle of anxiety and depression becomes instead a compassionate invitation for intimacy, companionship, and autonomy.

Online couples therapy is an option to heal from previous undiscovered wounds inflamed by the difficult dynamic. Consequently, we may also deepen the current relationship by asking for the love, care, respect, or quality of attention we dissociated around wanting as children. Finally, we express our needs. Not in an angry, resentful, whose ‘right or wrong’ way. But in a compassionate, gentle, courageous and loving way.

The Benefit of Somatic Couples Therapy Online

It can feel hopeless, especially when traditional approaches have failed. The more our insecure tangles of attachment go on getting tangled, the harder we try to resolve them. Yet, without the right kind of support, the harder we try the more the nervous system tightens its defensive grip. I have a high rate of success in providing online couples therapy from a somatic perspective to couples struggling with trauma. I help couples resolve the tangles and create the quality of connection they seek. Call or email for a free consultation to see if online couples therapy will meet your needs.

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