Attending to Collective Wellness

Attending to Collective Wellness

Free online events for health care workers fighting COVID-19

Reducing Stress / Increasing Layers of Support

Through embodiment practices, open focused mindfulness meditation, and communal attunement we will reduce and alleviate stress-based activation in mental, emotional, and physical states. By restoring the innate regulatory function in the body we will alleviate secondary contraction patterns from triggers reactivated under chronic duress.

• Guided Open Focused Awareness Meditation
• Stress-Deactivating Somatic Practices
• Attunement-Facilitated Interpersonal Sharing

Resting in Communal Resonance

We are best of service when deeply rooted in mutually supportive community. Without this we are left relying on our own fuel, which tends to burn out. Survival physiology switches on when the autonomic nervous system is taxed in this way. Our emotional processing system shuts down, leading to anxiety, depression, or despair. We become vulnerably impacted by the stress of others, leading to vicarious trauma symptoms such as; fatigue, forgetfulness, foggy or hyper-vigilant thinking, insomnia, poor digestion, dizziness, loss of motivation, or panic.

This compilation—instead of integration—of stress may trigger developmental, societal, or ancestral / intergenerational pain from the past. This is a recipe for re-traumatization and soul exhaustion. 

However, our nervous system is brilliantly designed to integrate experience. Given the space and attuned connection it needs, it knows how to balance the biochemicals of chronic stress in the blood and return to homeostasis, restoring wellbeing. As we move from reflexive management strategies to social attunement and somatic grounding we are left with a greater sense of ease, connection, and safety in the here-and-now.

Saturdays: 3-6:00pm (PST)

Frontline, patient-facing, health care workers fighting COVID-19

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