How to choose a Somatic Experiencing Therapist


How to choose a Somatic Experiencing Therapist

Somatic Experiencing (SE) Therapists come to SE from a diversity of health modalities, from body oriented therapies such as Massage, Acupuncture, or Jin Shin Jyutsu, to traditional talk psychotherapy, western medicine, and social services. When exploring the possibility of working with a practitioner find out how they came to Somatic Experiencing, what inspired them to study, and what, if any, health training they have had.

Though Somatic Experiencing can be a complete therapy in it’s own right, it is often used as supplemental therapy to specifically address traumatic material arising to the surface. As we open in our therapy process, no matter what health modality we choose, the psyche may release entrenched traumatic material from the past. This can be confusing and difficult without enough containment. A Somatic Experiencing practitioner will spend a few sessions resourcing, establishing safety, trust, and helping you to establish a comfortable connection to your body. You should feel a sense of safety and confidence in the containment during the process of therapy, not feeling overwhelmed or concerned that you will be taking on more than you can. A good Somatic Experiencing practitioner will work with you and your system where it is able to manage and integrate difficult experience in an empowering way.

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