Integrating Spiritual Crisis

Have you been overwhelmed during;

an ayahuasca ceremony, a yoga or meditation retreat, a spiritual practice, or bodywork endeavor?

Intense spiritual experiences can vastly open the nervous system’s management strategy for containing survival stress from the past. If we have had a trauma in our past, and the body / mind system opens beyond what it is able to digest, we may get flooded by the release of these strong instinctual energies, creating a crisis. The resulting dysregulation can potentially be re-traumatizing, and lead to symptoms of emotional overwhelm, chronic pain, identity confusion, dissociation, social anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disturbances, or digestive issues. Our practice that was once supportive, anchoring, and a familiar source of hope and containment becomes suddenly associated with overwhelm, fear, and confusion, creating a spiritual crisis.

Find Your Footing.

In a safe, gently-paced, sequential approach, Somatic Experiencing supports the healing integration of traumatic stress, transforming this once overwhelming experience into empowering growth and lasting stability.

Joel Decker (MA, SEP, MFT#50087) Licensed Psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing practitioner. My therapeutic approach is also informed by Vipassana meditation and clinical applications of neuroscience research.

Contact Joel: 510-229-9765 Berkeley Office

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