Naturopathic Medicine and Somatic Experiencing

Integrative Trauma Treatment

Naturopathic Medicine and Somatic Experiencing
in the Treatment of Shock and Complex Developmental Trauma

If we experience trauma we frequently struggle with co-occurring symptoms, such as; irritability, numbness, anxiety or depression, digestive and other physical issues. Due to the amount of energy it takes to suppress the internal traumatic stress, our whole immune system may become compromised, contributing to mental fogginess, chronic pain, and other stress-based diseases. Long term management of distress compromises many of the bodies defenses, impairing the capacity to feel the flow of energy moving coherently through the body as a whole.

Simply put, trauma and the long term traumatic symptoms, tax the body. The long term, chronic state of stress is a restrictive force on the biology, leading to an imbalanced state. The resulting dysregulation, in the organ system, myofascial (muscles and fascia) system, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, and fluid systems, can be confusing to naturopathic practitioners not trained in the physiological effects of trauma. And the sometimes elusive physical symptoms causing the complaint can be daunting to somatic experiencing practitioners not trained to provide the many holistic approaches of alternative medicine, like homeopathy, herbalism, and acupuncture. The collaborative approach of these two naturalistic, body-based modalities to the healing of trauma, and long-term physiological distress of traumatic stress, offers clients a tremendous support.

Somatic Experiencing helps peel away the layers of stress physiology, returning the body to a state of dynamic flow, and Naturopathic Medicine helps resolve the symptoms resulting from the long term chronic physiological distress on the body. Naturopathic Medicine and Somatic Experiencing are the perfect combo to support the healing from a single situational trauma or more historical developmental trauma.


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