Somatic Healing Circle, Foundation training

A somatic approach to integrate the shadows of societal, birth, developmental, and intergenerational trauma

Through Somatic awareness practice we will create a resonant, supportive, and communal container for healing. As our hurt attachment and societal imprints arise in this field of curiosity, mutual support, and presence to the here-and-now we develop new ways to track, bring into relations, and integrate past traumatic fragments of Self, allowing for the embodiment of more light.As our shadow dynamics arise in this secure field of curiosity, mutual support, and presence we anchor in new choices, new ways to respond,allowing for more autonomy, ease of intimacy and boundary setting, clarity of purpose and creative follow through.

How do our relational histories contribute to the challenges we face today? Leveraging my work as a Somatic Psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing, and Somatic Resilience practitioner we will explore this question with the attention needed to renegotiate the once necessary patterns and survival strategies born out of isolation. 

– Learn to track and settle the nervous system.
– Resolve chronic patterns of stress with gentle nuanced precision.
– Increase energy, clarity, self-kindness.

– Cultivate Secure Attachment.

Four Sundays in June, starting June 4th @ 5:30pm (4-7pm the remaining three Sundays).
Sliding Scale $100-160 for the 4 Sessions

Closed Group / 6 people max

Diversity: This group is open to people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender dimensions. Our differences are opportunities to see and be seen, to cultivate the beauty that the vital unity of differences invites.

The only requirement for participation is a willingness to be mindful

– Interested; –

Please inquire by texting Joel: 510-229-9765


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