Somatic Experiencing Clinical Research Funding Appeal

Somatic Experiencing Research Pilot in the Treatment of PTSD

Somatic Experiencing (SE) has proven successful in the treatment of trauma among adult and child survivors of natural disasters, populations living in areas under chronic traumatic stress (terror, violence and war), and in the treatment of PTSD patients. Developed by Dr. Peter Levine and taught throughout the world, SE is a psycho-physiologically-based therapy that is not only used for the treatment of trauma, but also as a tool for self-regulation.

While it is also an exposure-based method, SE uses a very gradual and sensation-based exposure to the noxious traumatic memories and strengthens the client’s innate self-regulatory mechanisms, bringing gentleness and compassion to a rather difficult process. SE adds the missing piece in the treatment and prevention of trauma: the role of the body and the connection between body/mind; it resolves activation at the level of the autonomic nervous system and helps complete incomplete survival response.

Appeal for Funding

Establishing scientifically the efficacy of Somatic Experiencing therapy, in successfully resolving symptoms of chronic PTSD, will allow SE to be significantly spread through the educational, military, mental health, social services, medical, government and NGO agencies.

We are half way through this research, after 5 years of hard work, (of which a majority was done pro-bono) and need your help to complete the project.

This study is a collaboration between ITI (International Trauma-Healing Institute – Israel), Macabi Health Services, and Dr. Danny Brom, Director of the Israel
 Psychotrauma Treatment Center. This randomized controlled pilot study of adults, who meet the diagnostic criteria of chronic PTSD, are being treated at psychological clinics related to the health insurance organization, during a period of 30 months.

After baseline assessment, patients will be randomly assigned to receive 15 weekly 60-minutes sessions of either SE or nonspecific eclectic therapy. The SE therapy will be conducted by 7 Somatic Experiencing Practitioners assigned to Macabi. The nonspecific eclectic therapy will be conducted by the regular psychotherapy staff of the study-based health organization. Assessments will be made at the end of the 15 sessions and again after four months.

Please help support SE research and spread trauma treatment around the world by sending your tax-deductible donation through the secure Paypal link on our website or by sending a check payable to:

International Trauma Institute, 269 South Lorraine Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004

ITI’s Federal Tax ID #75-3011295, a California 501c(3) corporation

Gina Ross: Founder, President
International Trauma-Healing Institute

Gina Ross, MFCC, is founder and president of International Trauma-Healing Institute in the United States and in Israel. She is the co-founder of the Israeli Trauma Center at Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem and has specialized in trauma and the understanding and treatment of trauma since 1990. Gina Ross is a senior faculty member and teacher/trainer for the Foundation for Human Enrichment. She has provided peace workshops and psychological first aid after bombings in the Middle East. An expert on the impact of trauma on individuals, communities, groups, and nations, she and ITI work to place and keep the issue of trauma on the global agenda, developing resources and collaborating with organization. Currently she is working with Israeli and Palestinian societies and other groups to bring an understanding of the role of trauma as it relates to politics in the Middle East.

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