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Trauma Vidya |
Trauma Vidya was set up to support trauma occurring in large populations, such as in earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and terrorist attacks. Working in collaboration with local organizations they increase awareness of Somatic Experiencing practices in first-aid professionals, as well as prevent trauma symptoms from forming in the affected populations. Through education and ground level intervention they provide relief to those suffering from symptoms of traumatic stress.

Trauma First Aide |
Trauma First Aide is a group of social workers, trauma therapists, nurses, and mind/body practitioners skilled in working with trauma survivors and educating Trauma First Aide. Dedicated to minimizing the effects of trauma through trauma education to diverse populations. Through trauma education and early intervention they prevent secondary traumatization by building resilience in the nervous system of affected populations.

International Trauma-Healing Institute |
The mission of the International Trauma-Healing Institute (ITI) is to promote peace at the community, national, and international level by bringing awareness to trauma as a root cause of suffering, conflict, and violence and to the resources available for trauma’s resolution and healing.



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