Trauma-Informed Process Group

Trauma-Informed Process Group

Through mindfulness and embodiment practices, tracking the nervous system, and slowing down at the earliest sign of a trigger, we will create a safe, supportive, and communal space. As our insecure dynamics arise in this field of curiosity, mutual support, and presence to the here-and-now, we develop new ways to feel support, process trauma activation, and experience integration.

Leveraging my work as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner this group will support the exploration of our stuck, insecure patterns and symptoms stemming from past trauma. This group is a great place to practice tracking how our relational histories contribute to the challenges we face today, allowing for more intimacy and autonomy.

Diversity: This group is open to people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender dimensions. Our differences are opportunities to see and be seen, to cultivate the beauty that the vital unity of differences invites.

Substance Use: Restoring our innate life force energy requires refraining from behaviors and substances that override, short-circuit, or distract from the natural, ever renewing source of potency within and between us. Participants are expected to refrain during the course of these sessions.

Intention: Intention is an organizing principle that gives structure and form to healing. Each participant will be supported in defining their intention during the first few sessions.





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