Trauma-Integrative Somatic Process Group

Online Group Immersion;
8 Mondays 5-8pm (PDT); beginning May. 11th. 
Sliding Scale $450-$850 – Donation-Based for BIPOC

Through Deep Somatics and Mindfulness practices we will create a resonant, supportive, and communal container for healing. As our hurt attachment and societal imprints arise in this field of curiosity, mutual support, and presence to the here-and-now, we develop new ways to track, bring into relations, and integrate historical and present time traumatic experience.

As we cultivate open awareness to embodied phenomenon our fixed state patterns begin to thaw. Our collective, participatory, and grounded presence becomes the integrative vessel for the vital renewal of our essential humanity. 

Leveraging my work as a Psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing, and Somatic Resilience practitioner, I will offer the group and individual participants the attention needed to explore and renegotiate the once necessary patterns and strategies from societal and other imprints of interpersonal harm. 

– Learn body-focused approaches to track and settle the nervous system.
– Process old patterns with a far more nuanced precision.
– Increase compassion, understanding, and kindness towards the self.
– Deepen understanding of basic trauma physiology.
– Increase capacity to embody the state of present moment awareness.

Diversity: This group is open to people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender dimensions. Our differences are opportunities to see and be seen, to cultivate the beauty that the vital unity of differences invites.

Substance Use: Restoring our innate life force energy requires refraining from behaviors and substances that override, short-circuit, or distract from the natural, ever renewing source of potency within and between us. Participants are expected to refrain during the course of these sessions.

Intention: Intention is an organizing principle that gives structure and form to healing. Each participant will be supported in defining their intention during the first few sessions.


Please inquire by either texting, Joel: 510-229-9765 // or

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