Emotional or Financial Challenges

Healing trauma empowers us to initiate positive action.

Create a healthy balance between work and rest. Communicate with more confidence, initiative, and optimism.

Experiences of past repetitive abuse, neglect or abandonment may leave us with low self-esteem, feeling inadequate, stuck, dissociated, or numb. Our sense of efficacy is obscured by our trauma-induced perceptions of ourselves.

By accessing the restorative physiological action patterns in the body, we can dissolve the nervous system’s preoccupation with the once overwhelming event. If we dissolve entrenched messages of early wounding, a positive perspective arises naturally. As we develop a secure inner world, we find more freedom to pursue our desires and interests. We achieve greater clarity around our true calling and can discover and build upon our talents, strengths and goals.

Deprivation at the core of our money issues.

Gain more control of debt and financial challenges. Resolve the compulsive habits of spending, accumulating debt, and hoarding. Create a safe base to support increased initiative and greater risk-taking.

Beneath our daily feelings of anxiety may be lurking a larger sense of hopelessness and deprivation, which we act out through compulsive under-earning or over-spending behaviours. We believe we are fundamentally flawed, and react by becoming self-critical and perfectionistic. We hope someone will save us, by bailing us out of the resulting debt. But this is a form of co-dependency and flight from dealing with our life.

As we heal from past traumas, we become more able to take risks. We begin to separate ourselves from the past, from our negative assumptions of what will happen when we stand up and let ourselves be known. We begin to develop clarity, trust in our own inner voice, and a healthy relationship towards boundaries and risk-taking. As we re-write the earlier embedded messages of deprivation, perfectionism and inadequacy, we move towards a genuine acceptance of our whole self. We step forward, knowing we are not perfect, knowing we don’t have to get it right. We begin to inhabit the ‘good enough’ mentality essential to a creative and successful life.

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