New Traumatology and the Trauma Spectrum

The new traumatology and the trauma spectrum

This is a fascinating conversation between Anthony Twig Wheeler and Dr. Robert Scaer running the spectrum from the technical and personal aspects of trauma, the type of support and therapy that is going to be effective with traumatic stress, and what the modern world looks like under the stuck biology of traumatic reenactment. It covers both the inner and outer experience, speaking directly to the role that social conditioning plays in developing and reinforcing repeating patterns of traumatization.

Anthony “Twig” Wheeler is an Applied Human Ecologist, an educator, and trauma treatment specialist. His consultations for trauma keep him traveling throughout the US, Canada, Brazil, Europe and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He utilizes his discoveries in his work as a teacher and mental health practitioner. He has advanced studies in the psychophysiology of trauma, mind/brain/body medicine, evolutionary psychology and human ecology. A core principle of his work is the realization of Somatic Experiencing potential as a powerful force for social change.

Robert Scaer is Board Certified in Neurology with 39 years of clinical practice in the role of supporting client’s with chronic pain, brain injury, traumatic stress, and mental illness. He lectures on the whiplash syndrome and somatic syndromes of traumatic stress. He is currently retired from professional medical application, though continuing to write and lecture.

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